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Parson Drove Car, Bike & Trike Show
14th - 15th July 2018

We had intended to camp over at Parson Drive this year but an invite to Neil & Kim's nuptials on the Saturday was an offer we couldn't really turn down, so the Parson Drove weekend experience will have to wait another year (again!). This year's show has reportedly raised £14,000, so is up there with some of the best one day shows we go to. The music and beer festivals all help to draw in the people and money, and the show was as good as ever.

Falling right in the middle of the best heatwave we've experienced for several decades, we got there early with the intention of getting around everything before it got too hot, however, the volume of motors was such that this was a bit of a pipe dream. The mix of vehicles was very good, and again, there was something for everyone with modified, custom, classic and vintage cars, bikes and trikes.

We had to have a break around the middle of the day so headed up to the food court area, where there was a good variety of food on offer, and our meal was accompanied by some excellent milkshakes, but was washed down by an equally excellent pint from the mini beer festival while we watched Tony G work his way through his set. As good as Tony is with his retro music, he didn't hold the crowd like the Blues Brothers tribute band used to, but he had ditched his normal Elvis get-up given the heat.

Back out to the motorbikes and trikes where there was some excellent machinery on show, particularly the red trike that looks just like a modern sports car from the rear. Built as a prototype, only two were made but I bet they were planned to be expensive which may explain the low number in existence. My Dad's mate Chris had his big trike there as well, with the bear standing guard.

There stalls are quite good here, and a few bargains were acquired during the day, including a couple of petrol company signs, and a repro station clock which I think I missed out on at Clifford Cross's auction a couple of weeks before. Double-sided, one side works OK but the other needs a new mechanism and/or hands refitting. However, where I've fitted it to the shed means the side that works is the one I see most of so quite happy with my buy.

There are prizes for various classes of vehicle over the weekend, but I congratulate Wisbech & District Historic Vehicle Club who won the Best Club prize and had a lot of vehicles alongside and opposite the caravan section, well deserved. I'll think I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, but hopefully we'll be there all weekend next year.

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