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Cavalcade Rally

3rd - 5th May 2014

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The 2014 Rushden Cavalcade of Historical Transport & Country Show event had not changed much since last year, with only a couple of position swaps. The miniature steam and tractor display lines had exchanged places, and the bygones & models overflow displays were again facing the stationary engines, a position occupied last in 2010 when the classic caravans replaced the engines. However, with the noise of the running engines to draw people around that far edge of the field, we saw many more people this year than we did four years ago.

We're often asked 'why we go all the way over to Rushden when Stradsett is virtually on our doorstep', particularly as we're members of the NVTEC East Anglia Group, and the answer is, we've always been to Rushden on the Bank Holiday weekend. When NVTEC East Anglia moved their event forward one week to the same weekend, we considered our options and thought Rushden offered more variety. Since then, Stradsett has grown and grown and now has a much higher profile and is not just the 'club' rally. However, it is only open to the public Sunday & Monday so Saturday is pretty much a day lost.

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Another topic that has come up again this year is 'same old, same old'. Some people like to do one or two fresh events and not go the same shows year after year. Others take different exhibits so as not to be doing the same old routine week in week out. Some shows keep changing things around to try and make it fresh and others like to leave the layout the same once they've found out it works. One advantage of this is that people such as ourselves who tend to arrive teatime or later due to work commitments generally know where we're heading once on the field, rather than wasting valuable time waiting to find out where we're being pitched.

The trouble with having to travel after work is that unless I can get the time off, it limits us to a 2-hour drive to leave us enough time to get set-up and fed. This is particularly true early and late season when the nights are not as long as mid-Summer. There are certain shows we go to where we're on the edge of our territory and others coming from a different direction are on the edge of theirs, but that may be the only event we meet up each year. So all in all, it often works out that we go the same old shows year after year.

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And what about the show you ask, well, it was pretty much same old Rushden, nothing much different to the last few years. That is say, plenty of different exhibits to look at, plenty of stalls to browse, plenty of beer to drink and plenty of people to drink it. One of these weekends, I'll haul my ass over to the Station on one of the Special Event & Running Weekends just for a change.

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