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Bluebell Classic Car Meets

5th June 2019

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The 2nd Bluebell gathering of the year was back to very close to site capacity, with 235 vehicles (including lots of motorbikes and scooters) clicked through the gate. Indeed, space was at a bit of a premium, and the odd car did turn around and leave without stopping as it got very tight mid-evening. Parking was organised again this time, and yes, the concrete pad is still there, but motorbikes are concentrated on the gravel in the main pub carpark. The most interesting bike was an early motorised tandem, a Derny. There were some classic bikes but a lot of modern Royal Enfields. Harleys and scooters of various makes.

There was an abundance of US metal with the most unusual being a lowered right-hand-drive Dodge delivery truck with sliding doors and what looked a tambour style rear shutter. I'm assuming it was perhaps a mail van with it being rhd, so that the driver got out on the kerbside, also it was not very big to carry a lot of payload. There was a choice of "does my neck look red in this" Ford, GMC, Chevrolet & Dodge pick-up trucks & 4WDs, and cars included Plymouth, Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang Mach 1, Pontiac Grand Prix, Mercury, Dodge Custom Royal, Pontiac Firebird, Lincoln Town Car and the US version of the Ford Granada.

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There were a couple of Lotus Se7en look-a-likes, plus a Cobra and Ferrari, otherwise sports cars were mainly of traditional English style like the Frogeye Spite, MGB etc. There were some other sporting cars like the Reliant Scimitar, Lotus Esprit, Porsche, Triumph Stag, Lotus Carlton and several small Mercedes. There were a few sporting Fords, including a rally-style Escort which sadly didn't stop, and the odd Hot-rod. It was good to see a Hillman Imp on display, which were quite a successful racing car in their day.

The most distinctive car, after the Mini-moke, was a top up between the De Dion Bouton and John Wright's Leyland FG based experimental build, which one can truly say is unique. He sensibly decided to park that out on the gravel, as trying to turn that or reverse it out later on would be interesting to watch. There were also what I would affectionately term novelty cars, such as the Bond 3-wheeler and Mini Marcos, and a couple of cars given away as competition prizes by Heinz.

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There's always a great variety of vehicles on a night like this, and the venue always seems to turn up something new, with plenty of people visiting just to look at the cars. With great catering, drinks if you are able and good company, it's still one of the best informal classic vehicle gatherings I've been to. We won't be able to make July's meeting but will be back on 7 August 2019.

2019: 1st May - 4th Sep

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