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Bluebell Classic Car Meets

1st May 2019

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The first Whaplode Bluebell classic car gathering (first Wednesday of the month, May to September) was not a bad start to the season, but perhaps tempered a little by the onset of rain fairly early on. The parking format was pretty much left to the drivers themselves, although the first arrivals on the grass near the road edge and been parked in echelon formation, but a good way away from the hedge. All the motorcycles were parked on the gravel near the road as you come in so at least you could get down the middle of the field.

However, now I think about it, I'm not sure the concrete pad was still there, as some chap was trying to park a thoroughly modern Bentley into a space too small for it when I was in that section. I will have to check next time to see if it's been grassed over. The largest exhibit was a big Reo or similar type of US Army truck which was also at Guyhirn Coffee Tree Xperience classic gathering on the Monday night of the same week so the owner's not shy of burning some fuel. There was a reasonably good selection of smaller American motors (if any Yank can be called small!) including Chevrolet, Pontiac, Ford & Dodge, as well as an early Ford Model A or B hot-rod truck, alongside a traditional rodded Ford Pop.

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Another interesting Ford custom is the 6-wheeler 400E little-big-rig truck. It was good to see a Rover SD1 on show, as well as a couple of the earlier P6 variants, and there was generally a good selection of British family saloons, Jaguar, Ford Zephyr, both sizes of BMC Farina, Mk I & II Ford Granadas, Mk III Cortina and Wolseley land-crab, as well as slightly smaller 2-door HC Viva, Hillman, Triumph Dolomite & Austin Allegro.

Sports-cars were equally well represented with Triumph Spitfire, MGB, AC Cobra (real or replica, not sure), Saab Sonett, MG Midget, Frog-eye Sprite and TVR Tasmin, as well as the Ford Capri, "the car you always promised yourself". Smaller cars included Mini Clubman, original Fiat 500, several Morris Minors and Volkswagen Beetles, and other continentals included a couple of Mercedes-Benzes, another Saab, this time a saloon and a Nissan Micra!

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As always, the food catering was up to scratch with both inside and outside outlets, and the pub itself wasn't too crowded to be able to get a pint in easily. Sadly, the rain intensified quite early, and as I had the opportunity to collect my Kia from Stuart at DMR vehicle services after it's new clutch, I headed the Citroen back home with the fabric sunroof firmly shut well before 7pm. Next month's date is 5 June 2019.

2019: 1st May - 4th Sep

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