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Bluebell Classic Car Meets

1st August 2018

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After the fall-out from the July meeting where the parking arrangements didn't meet everyone's taste, we weren't sure how the August meet would go, and although there were several well-known enthusiasts not in attendance, there were enough vehicles there to make it an interesting night. To be honest, it was like turning the clock back a couple of years before the event became massively popular.

It was a night for a mardle with several friends in attendance, so some of the pictures taken in relatively low light have some interesting reflections and light effect this time around. I do feel for the village/hamlet as a whole as the number of people who do come for just 5 nights a year do endure some congestion and perhaps unsympathetic parking in front of their homes, but there is plenty of verge parking out into open country on the airfield side and as long as people are sensible and NOT LAZY and do not try to park on both sides of the road, then there is plenty of room.

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The pub had decided to set a limit of 170 units and in the end, 155 was recorded, which was comfortable. I have one observation, just my opinion, but one that tends to support my friend's viewpoint. The extra marshals from last month were there again but seemed tied to the gateway by some invisible umbilical cord, as not once did I see them venture beyond the gravel apron into the grass camping field.

So in effect the participants reverted to parking themselves in the format that has endured for at least four seasons since my first visit in August 2014. Once bitten, twice shy, enough said. At least the missus was able to get around this time which she enjoyed, paying attention to the Mini cabriolet, but she's banned me from putting the picture up on the website. The long stops chatting took its toll, however, thanks to Steve for offering his ride as a resting point for a while, which she really appreciated.

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And so on to the motors. One interesting vehicle as a Mk II Ford Cortina estate but left-hand drive and was immaculate. Another was a Jaguar-inspired Ronart sports car, which didn't really work from the front or side, but defo from the back with its C-type inspired cowling. There were a pair of Renault 16s, a car I particularly have an affinity for as my uncle was a confirmed fan, having several, my favourite being a pale metallic silver-green version, which I think was called Silver Mink!

Another one, which I initially thought was a TVR turned out to be a Jenson-Healey. Another rarity was an Alexander Fraser Spider, one of only 7 made between 1969-1980. The outside catering and real-ale bar continued, as will this event well into the future. The final meet for 2018 is 5 September, not sure if we'll be there as we are in Norwich earlier in the day. But fingers crossed.

2019: 1st May - 4th Sep

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