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Euston Park, Euston, Thetford, Norfolk

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9th June 2019

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We were back at Euston Hall near Thetford exhibiting again in 2019, albeit with a bygones display rather than an engine, but at least I could safely leave that to get around to get the photos for the website, especially as I was flying solo. I managed to fit pretty much the whole collection of 5-gallon drums into the car and trailer, and Geoff kindly allowed me plenty of space on the engine line. One of my cans was a square Silkolene Concorde can, red with a gold border, but one of the other stationary engines guys also had an all-over red version I hadn't seen before.

This year, over a hundred engine entries were split into 3 rows, across two aisles. The aisle opposite the trade definitely saw more people than the other, but that can't be helped. The commercial and military vehicles were arranged in a semi-circle around the clump of trees, so at least the stationary engines weren't hidden this year. Opposite them, the Norfolk Fire Engine Museum had their display, which we've seen out several times this year. On the other side of the trees, the motorbikes were lined up either side of a roped-off walkway, but I don't think there were as many this year.

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As usual the cars were lined up in long rows across the hillside, with most of the car-clubs grouped at the end of the lines so the ubiquitous Coleman shelters could be erected for some shade. This year there was a pair of Buckler sports cars from the late 1950s, each different to the other. At first glance there was also a plethora of Austin-Healeys, however on closer inspection, several were the later Sebring replicas. As with AC Cobras, there seem more replicas now than the real thing.

Down the slope towards what is grandly called the Grafton ring, named in honour of the estate owners, the steam engines were in their usual place near the trees and across the other side if the ring, half-a-dozen rows of classic & vintage tractors were lined up in a colourful display of nostalgia. Right at the end of the tractors, next to the church, was the dog-agility arena, which as it's become pretty much a permanent fixture, perhaps needs its own name. The Fogden arena might be fitting for those of us who've been coming along for many years.

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Past the church, there was the usual mix of stalls, craft displays, but hardly any bygone collections this year, so no pressure to turn over the future inheritance as invited to last year! The heavy horses looked at their magnificent best and there was a good selection of drays and implements to search out amongst the wide variety of horseboxes.

The food court had shrunk a bit this year, but other catering outlets were available elsewhere on site, so the Sheep Show was entertaining people in this area instead and is always good fun. I have put "the Sheep Show" with a lower-case "t" as I learnt this year that there is actually four of these units all operating under the same umbrella, covering around a hundred shows a year between them, so no wonder the presenter has looked a bit different from one time to another when I've seen them out and about.

Euston is not one of the cheapest shows to get in as public that we go to, but one must remember it operates at a level above a vintage rally, however, I didn't think there was quite as many people about this year. Also, I think the show will always remain as a single day Sunday show for probably those same two reasons.

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