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Ode to the stationary engine
Steam engines bellowing, swirling black smoke
Keeping them going by shovelling in coke
Slow in their motions, But mighty in strength
Folk come from miles to see them at length
Trucks, tractors, cycles & classic car
But stationary engines outweigh them by far
Owners sit proudly behind each machine,
Getting up often to polish & clean
The brass on the pipes and the oil overflowing
Until once again the old engine is glowing
They go red in the face as the flywheels they turn
Then smile with relief, or frown with concern
If that stationary engine refuses to start
Then they're off to the stalls, to find a new part.
They search in vain, until what do they see?
Yes! Just the right bit for the old Lister D.
So when you see men, and their womenfolk too
Sitting relaxing with engines like new
Think of the work, the fun and the pleasure,
That these chaps have had, before sitting in leisure.
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