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Gordon Easton's Collection

Having never met Gordon Easton, I wasn't overally sure what to expect, but he struck me as a very intelligent bloke, someone who had a passion for his collection, not only that, he was actually involved with what he was talking about, and had been for many years. Most tour guides, are just people who have swallowed a book on their subject, but you could tell you were dealing with the Real McCoy.

His collection covers, and indeed, protrudes from various buildings around a small bungalow, in basically the middle of nowhere. The collection is very varied, and includes arrays of farm tools, bygone displays, in fact he has two buildings full of old oil cans, wartime posters, tools and more.

One of his main passions is restoring old farm carts, and he has loads in various sheds and outbuildings, restored by him and his team. He has various types of cart, from single horse drawn carts, to larger carts, and even old stagecoaches that Gypsies used to have.

Personally I was more interested in the tractors, and I was not disappointed, as he has, in magnificent condition, a Burrell Showman Steam Engine, "Dragon" - The Pride of the Fens, a beautiful specimen. Not only that he also has 3 Field Marshall's and 2 John Deere Tractors, all in good working order. Another shed and 2 Massy-Ferguson's, one older than the other, but both in good order.

Even though Gordon's attention was on his other displays, the star of the day was the Burrell Showman Steam Engine. Built in the 30's she really had been looked after, and was in pristine order.

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